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Youth, Cultural and Educational Programs(YCEP)Committee: Proposal For 2007-2008

Role of YCEP, According to NEHTI By-laws:


The purpose of YCEP is to develop, facilitate and foster events and programs related to the advancement of Hindu culture, scriptures and theology among devotees.


The responsibilities of YCEP include
1. Developing and implementing policies, procedures and programs for both the short-term needs of devotees and long-term impact on the community. 
2. Developing programs and events for the benefit of the youth and the elders in our community. 
3. Promoting cultural activities including, but not limited to, music concerts, classical dance recitals, language lessons, Veda classes, youth programs, interfaith activities, etc.


Sri Lakshmi Temple, in addition to being a place of worship, should also:
1.Impart spiritual knowledge, cultural heritage, and Hindu traditions to all members of our community.
2.Develop a sense of identity and pride in our next generation.
3.Support the Indian community culturally and socially.
4.Participate in Ashland and Framingham community outreach and social service.

Programs for Children and Youth

Children and youth (ages 5-20)
- Discover and learn their cultural heritage and tradition.
- Perform music, dance, bhajans, etc. at the Temple.
- Participate in the recitation of slokas.
- Learn how to do simple pujas.
- Learn the meaning and symbolism of Temple worship.
- Participate in Temple programs during functions and celebrations.
- Volunteer to help in Temple activities.

Cultural Programs

1.Music,dance, and bhajan performances by children and youth (5-20 years) on the 4th Friday of every month.
2.Music and dance programs for all age groups during Temple functions. Opportunity for all. No repetitive performances.
3.Cultural programs by professional artists.

Bala Vidya Mandir

- To help children and youth discover who they are -- their ancestry, religious traditions, value system, and cultural heritage - in a fun and exciting way
- To balance the physical, intellectual, and spiritual development of children and youth
- To cultivate social awareness and volunteer spirit in children and youth
- To encourage character-building activities for developing future workers and leaders of the Hindu community in America
- To stress the fundamental concept of universal connectedness and a sense of belonging to global society
- To help children and youth develop their identity and pride in Hinduism and Hindu culture.

Bala Vidya Mandir

- Classes for yoga, storytelling, slokas, bhajans, Vedic chanting, Indian languages, etc.
- Celebration of festivals
- Indoor/outdoor games
- Discourses and lectures by scholars, acharyas, etc.
- Social service at Temple and in local community.

Scholarship Programs

Provide scholarships to:
1.Graduating High School students (12th Grade) who are accomplished in Indian music and dance
2.Deserving and bright students in Ashland High Schools
3.Needy students in the Hindu community

Directions Map Panchangam Services at the Temple

Temple Timings: Mon-Thu 9AM-12PM & 5:30PM-09:00PM, Fridays 9AM-12PM & 5:30PM-09:00PM, Sat,Sun & Holidays 9AM-09:00PM  (Timings subject to weather conditions)