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Sriyahkkanthaya kalyana nidhaye nidhayerthinam
Sri venkata nivasaya Srinivasaya Mangalam

"Salutations to You, Srinivasa. You reside in Thiruvenkata, all prosperity, auspiciousness, reside in You. Your darsana is a festivity and you grant desires"

Sri Venkateswara is the lord of seven hills at Tirupathi in South India. Sri Venkateswara is believed to be one of the many forms of incarnations of Sri Vishnu, who is in charge of preserving the universe. He is depicted holding chakra (the disc) in his upper right hand, the disc to cut down the evil, and the Sanka (the white conch shell) in his upper left hand, signifying goodness and purity. The right hand is in varadha hastha (boon bestowing hand) posture, beckoning to completely surrender to Him. The left hand is in the katyavilambitha posture (mudra). This gesture signifies that the ocean of samsara or life is only knee deep and can easily be crossed over with faith in God. Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, lives in His heart and helps him carry on his functions of preserving the universe.

It is said that the popularity of Sri Venkateswara may be due to the fusion of His Murthiswarupa of Vishnu, Siva, Sakthi and Subrahmanyam. The Sanka and Chakra together with the kireeta proclaim his Maha Vishnu Swarupa. He sports the jada and serpent on His head. He is worshipped in Dhanurmasa and Pradosha in Tirupati as Siva With Bilva Archana done to him. Abhishekam is performed to Him on all Fridays and He is wrapped in sari for that reason. The figure of a Simha (lion) adorns the outer Prakara. These accord with the Sakthi worship. He resides on the top of the hills. He is called Balaji signifying Subrahmaniya Swarupa. The marvellous synthesis of all the above Swarupas elicits the spirit of Catholicity and equality in matters of worship, an aspect worthy of the highest commendation.

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